Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hospital Visit

So....As you all know I am very sick with this pregnancy. I rarely keep anything down, whether food or drink. If I do it takes so much work. I do have some enzymes and they help me keep the food down, but an hour or so later my stomach is hurting so much and I can't take more because then I'll just throw them up. Nothing else comes close to working...tums, rolaids, maalox, pepto bismol, phenegran, zofran, benedryl, unisom...all which have been given for me to use.
So the doctor says if you don't keep food down for 12 hours go to the ER. The same goes with drink. I have had many days when I thought I should have gone but...what are they really gonna do.
I finally got to my breaking point this morning. I can't take it anymore. So I go to the Clovis ER. expecting a miracle or direction. I go get triaged (down 5 more lbs...oooh bad) and then get settled into my own cubicle. They attach me to an IV and run the gambit of tests to make sure that my sickness hasn't affected the baby.
They gave me a whole liter of saline to hydrate me and a dose of Zofran to help with nausea. (Made me sleepy, still nauseous, and then a major headache when I got home). While I'm being filled up I asked my nurse..what next? Do I just go home and come back in 12 hours when I am still not keeping anything down...Is there a point to any of this? Can they do anything for me? Why would me doc send me here just for this. This is silly. She says just to go home and call my doc.
What now? Spend money going back and forth from home to ER? Yeah right. So does this mean that when I haven't been keeping anything down I just suck it up? Why would I go to the ER just to waste their time? I felt absolutely ridiculous taking up a bed when there could be someone seriously sick waiting for my IV to finish.
I'm just so frustrated. And to top it all the Fair is in town. DO you know how bad I want to go? Here is my list..a corn dog, a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream, a churro, pink popcorn, cotton candy, a taste of whatever Marc gets, oh and whatever else I crave.
I wish my sickness would just go away. I think 7 weeks of this is quite enough. You can only be tough for so long. I am loosing my will. All I do when I feel bad is cry. It is the worst. I only hope that I don't pass this on to my children. I do not wish this on anyone. Please let there be something that works.


Robin said...

if you need a movie buddy, company or a sounding board...let me know. the puking sound doesn't bother me at all...

April said...

I am so sorry to hear how sick you are. The only other person I have ever seen that sick is my friend Joanna. She had to go in for fluids several times with both of her pregnancy. Maybe she has some advice. I will ask her. Meanwhile, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

The Arthur's said...

I feel your pain. When I was pregnant with my son. I was bedridden (well couch ridden) for 3 months. Zofran was the only thing that made it a little better for me but I had to take it every 6 hours. I still threw up 3 or 4 times a day but in between my nausea was not sooo bad. I lived off cereal, but I had to change what I ate so often it was a crap shot as to what I could eat day to day. Clovis ER was my home a time or two. Thankfully it only last until I was 7 months along. Hopefully yours will end sooner. The plus side, I got to watch every Sex and the City episode. I know sometimes it is just nice to know your not the only one who has had it sooo bad. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sarah- My friend April sent me a link to your blog and it really hits home......

Just reading your post gives me a certain amount of anxiety.

During both of my pregnancies I was diagnosed with hyperemesis. I was sick from until my 6th month.

I tried phenergan, reglan, zofran, etc., and I was hospitalized for re-hydration numerous times.

During my second pregnancy we got to the point that my midwife suggested I get a PIC line, I was freaked out by some of the complications that can occur and decided against it. Looking back, I really should have taken it.

Hyperemesis for me was literally debilitating. As a result, I became severely depressed. Having a good support system is what got me through it. Having people understand that no amount of fresh air, saltines, eating small meals frequently, and the like would 'fix me'.

This site http://www.hyperemesis.org/ is a great resource. They even have some message boards and forums that you can join.

I know it's no releif now, but there will be a beautiful baby at the end of these difficult months.
Hang in there :)

Reynolds Family said...

I see a pattern here, I too was sick for 4 months when I was pregnant with my SON. Some of the remedies that I have heard of are; fresh lemon water or ginger chews (a soft candy). Also, the dole fruit juice bars in Strawberry were good, they taste the same going down or coming up. I hope it ends soon or you at least find something that works for you.