Friday, December 19, 2008

Mia's First recital

So last weekend we had the joy of attending our daughter's first recital. We have been practicing for a while now. Almost every day Mia would jump up on the coffee table and show us her dance. Mom and Dad have the dance down pat now.

Mia has been taking a tap/ballet class from Teacher Kayla at Clovis Academy for the past couple months. She really enjoys it.

So on Saturday she was especially excited...we got to wear makeup. So we take the curlers out, to reveal a head full of beautiful ringlets...then we put on her tights, costume, tap shoes, and antlers. Finally comes the make up....her favorite part. Not too much. Some blush, lipstick, glitter and a little clear mascara. She loves it. Then we go downstairs to take pictures in mommy's studio.
After pictures it is off to the Clark Auditorium. Mia seemed fine. Mommy and Daddy were full of butterflies. Then I drop Mia off with her teacher and go into the audience and nervously wait. Both Marc and I could not control our emotions. Let me point out that I am the only pregnant one here, but he is related to his mother. I kept thinking of Mia backstage, so nervous. I remembered when I had to do what she was doing. I wanted to be there holding her, helping her along. Nevertheless, I couldn't keep my tears in. I had promised to yell "Go Mia" when she was going out on stage, but when I went to yell it my voice cracked at the end.
Mia did great. All the practicing definetly paid off. We were so proud of our little reindeer. She now likes to show her dance to anyone who is interested. I've been asked to bring jer costume and shoes along to any and all functions so she can show people. She is definetly Marc's child (not shy). I am more of an introvert.

She is the 3rd one from the left.

Mia's Dance Recital

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