Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New News

Well, after a big holiday season, we are finally settling down and starting to get back to day to day life.

Mia started preschool after New Years. She has been asking us constantly if it was time to go to school yet. She loves it so far. Here she is on her first day.

Mom got her ready and Dad took her. I didn't know if I could handle leaving her for the first time. Marc stepped up for me.

The night before school started we got a call from Josh, Karri and Maddy to come over and play. We jumped at the chance and had a great night. Mia and Maddy got tired in all the fun and fell asleep. We found them asleep and it was the cutest thing,

When we left our first day of school we had to take Mia to the Doctor to get her health questionnaire filled out for school. When we arrived we were notified of all the shots Mia will be needing before Kindergarten registration, which is usually in March. I have never loved shots/needles, so I wanted to just come back and get them done at a later time. But Marc and the Doctor thought we should get them all out of the way. I have never taken Mia to get a shot in her whole life. Marc always did it. I can't handle it.

So Mia knew what was happening, I took her to the bathroom for her urine sample and told her about the shots. She was brave and agreed to have them done. I was so proud of her. She toughened up and sat patiently on the table. In walked in 4 shots, a TB test and a finger pricker. Mia was a pro. Now she won't need another shot until Junior High.

Afterwards she received a ring pop from Nurse Carla and we headed to Yodiggity for some frozen yogurt. Here she is being a big girl at the Doctor.

Mia has been taking me to eat when I get a craving. We have been regulars at a local Mexican restaurant, Toledo's (awesome), Piazza del Pane in North Fresno, and Peachberry smoothies from our gym GB3 in Clovis. Here is a picture of Mia snuggling me (like she always does). She has to have her hand on Mommy and Oliver to go to sleep. (She sleeps with me when Daddy is at work.)

Mia has continued with her dance class this season. We thought it would be a good thing to keep her feeling special when baby brother comes. If any of you moms have 4 year olds that want to take dance class on Thursdays at 10am let us know. Her class could use a few more girls. Auntie Jen even got Mia a great new dance outfit. Mia never wants to take it off.

Well I am now 6 1/2 months along. Oliver is growing so much. None of this pregnancy seems to remind me of when I was Pregnant with Mia. Maybe I am older?
I don't know. Our due date is April 24th. We might be going 2 weeks earlier. It all depends. When I spoke with my doctor a month back she was the one who gave me the 38 week delivery date. If my diabetes test comes back positive, she will sure induce me early. Marc's mom couldn't fit him out so she had to have a c-section and Marc was huge. My mom broke her tailbone delivering her first boy, and all her boys were huge! I do not want to follow any of their patterns. And since my induction went so well with Mia...why not? As long as baby is big enough and healthy I am on board.
Maybe this month I'll put myself in front of the camera and get some pictures taken. I have been avoiding the camera.

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I didn't know you had a blog, Sarah! Yay! I'll bookmark it for sure!