Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Bums for sure!

So we just got back from a wonderful escape to the beautiful beaches of Central California. We decided to get away before Mia starts Kindergarten and our weekday trips are few and far between.

We packed up our 5th wheel and took the family to Oceano first. A couple days to unwind with full hook ups was a good start. We spent a few nights at Pismo Sands RV Park. Mia loved the pirate ship playground that they had. While we were there we rode bikes, swam in the heated pool, watched people playing shuffleboard (Mia was fascinated by this) and walked in the cool misty air.

Because we had Joe join us for the first few nights we had to bring a 2nd car so he had transportation back home while we had plans with some friends that we thought he would feel a bit out of place at. So the night before we left we had to watch the UFC fights with our family. This is a new activity that we love indulge in. So much fun is had around Josh and Karri's TV on fight nights. So we left their house around 11pm and we head home to start packing to leave for our trip early the next morning. Packing is a job for me alone...My family would look so ridiculuous if I let Marc do any of the packing...and although he is a Eagle Scout..the slogan of "Be Prepared" is more a moma thing. My many detailed lists make sure that we have what we need in any situation.

I packed until about 2 am and then got cleaned up to sleep for a few hours before we head out. We left the next morning about 9...woke up at 7 (went to bed around 4). Mommy and Oliver took our SUV and Marc, Mia and Joe followed in the trailer. Oliver did great. He slept all the way to Paso Robles, even when mommy had to have an emergency stop at the Shandon rest stop...good times.

/We finally arrived at the ocean around noon. (Oliver's first trip to the ocean) It took me a while to find the RV park. I am used to Pismo Coast Village. Our digs were nice. We had our tv with cable, rented some DVD's...and the quiet lull of the ocean waves were very comforting. Not to mention flush toilets and showers.

When we left the RV park we met up with our friends the Garcia's, who are crazy and like to do day trips with four children. I don't know how they do it. We hung on the beach for a while and were introduced to driving on the beach with all your stuff and steeing up to play right outside your car. Wonderful not having to truck everything down. Especially with two kiddos.

A little bit later Josh, Karri, Maddy and Owen joined us. They were going to be spending a night with us on the dunes. This was going to be a new experience for all of us. We were going to camp on the dunes with our fire friends The Simmons' and Russ and Ashley. They were introducing us to the world of 4 wheeling at the beach. Marc also got on a surf board for the first time in his life. Mia loved having the beach outside of our front door. Sand was an excellent entertainer. Of course I toted along our wonderful swing for Oliver. I pretty much take it wherever I go.

The kiddos...

Daddy and Mia going to the dunes..

Mia pretending to surf..

Mia got the guys to help her build a sand castle.

Oliver LOVED the ocean..

The Bronco and Marc on the Quad.

We had an awesome time on the beach. I loved it and I want more. I could have done with Oliver being a little less grouchy from his teething troubles...but he really was good, despite that. I can't wait until our next trip.

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