Thursday, March 19, 2009

Contraction After Contraction


I have been contracting constantly. A little uncomfortable at times. Pretty nervous that Oliver might try to make his debut before I want him to. So I had an appointment today for my 35th week. While leaving my urine sample, I had an awful contraction. I got all overheated and tired. So when I get back to my room the nurse tells me that I will be checked since I am contracting so often.

The NP comes in and asks how I have been. I let it spill how "lovely" I have been feeling. She then measures my uterus and lets me know that I am measuring at 37 weeks. Usually when I come in I measure exactly on. So this threw up some red flags immediately. Especially since the diabetes factor came into play. The NP said that you can measure up to 2 weeks off before they start worrying. Never the less, she scheduled me for an appt the following week so she can keep a closer watch on this new development.

After all this great news she checks me. And with much relief, she lets me know that nothing is going on with my cervix yet. I am relieved because I get taken off pelvic rest next week, sorry it's been a while. So I can get back to normal. Just keep up on the water and don't overdue it and we will be fine.

There will probably be an ultrasound in about a week to make sure Oliver isn't getting too big for mama. I just want Oliver to stay in at least until 36 weeks...37 or 38 would be better. My doc said that she won't let me go past 38 weeks. So we will be keeping you all updated.


Anna M said...

Sorry to hear that it has been a little miserable for ya. I hope he stays in there for another couple weeks. I am going to call the girl you rec. hopefully she isn't to booked. Thanks.

Ammy said...

YOu have been in my thoughts...hope things are ok!