Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentines Day

So we had a pretty lovely Valentines Day. The day before, Mia had a Valentines Day party at her preschool. She put all the cards with candy together. She wants to do everything herself. After preparing all her Valentines she decided that she wanted curly hair for school the next day. So we wrapped up her hair in curlers and then she requested to have a Grandma Ropolo hat over her curlers (a turban). So we did and I had to take pictures...

And here she is the next morning ready for her Valentines Day celebration at preschool.

My sister Melanie and Sophia flew in from Kansas City on that day. While she was in town they had a prego party for me with my close family. Daddy went out and got Mia a special Big Sister outfit. Here we are in all our cuteness.

We had lots of time to spend with Melanie and Sophia. On one of her last nights we all got together and took some pictures. Uncle Marc was the hit of the night. The kids just couldn't get enough of him. Here are some of the pictures from the night.

Nicholas with William sleeping.

Mia holding a snail.

Marc with practically all the kiddos.

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