Friday, March 27, 2009

Nine Months

So I am 9 months pregnant now. I hope to not reach 10 months.

Last week I went to my doctor to have a check up. I had been contracting constantly for 4 days by the time my appointment came along. I was pretty miserable. They decided to check me to see if anything was happening. Much to my disappointment...I was not progressing. Then they pull out the handy measuring tape and proceed to measure my uterus. I measured 37. Mind you I was only 35 weeks at the time of the check up. I was very scared by this finding. A...the gestational diabetes helps babies to be bigger than usual...B...Marc's mom couldn't fit him through the birth canal, so she was emergency c-sectioned......C...My mom had huge boys. The first one even broke her tailbone and needed the use of forceps to be delivered. All of these things make me worry that Oliver may want to follow these horrifying trends. I'm not OK with that.

After my last appointment I have been tormented with the thought of delivering this huge baby growing inside me. So, today we had our next appointment. Happily I jump on the scale and I have lost 3 pounds in the last week (thank you diabetes). Then we go to the room and out comes the measuring tape. I was expecting something like 38 or 39 since last week was 37. Instead she measures me at 36. Yay!!! he isn't growing at a rapid freakish rate. I felt a wave of relief. Now to clear everything up we have an appointment in a couple days to have him measured via ultrasound. It will give us a good idea of what he is doing and if we need to induce sooner for my benefit.

So as of right now we are waiting for him to come naturally...which I feel may be never. I will forever be plagued with constant contractions. swelling and pressure. So much uncomfortableness. On Thursday we will get all the measurements back and go from there. My doctor gave me the impression that we would be induced at 38 weeks. That is around April 10. Until then we are walking, doing "other stuff", and being active. I hope to go into labor naturally. The excitemen t of not knowing when the time will come sounds long it doesn't interrupt my sleep. I need my sleep. Also I don't want to break my water in my bed. The last thing I want to do when I get home from the hospital is clean my bed.

We will keep everyone posted on when Oliver comes. We are ready. His carseat is even already installed in the car next to Mia's. She insisted.

Here are some pictures of us from last week. Warning: I look huge!


Anna M said...

Sarah, I am sending you some positive birth thoughts. I have some of the same concerns. We aren't small people, Ben and I. Hope you find some relief.

April said...

Your belly has gotten pretty big...You look beautiful though! Sorry I missed you guys last weekend. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way. I hope all goes well with the delivery.